How can We show Our support for the CLASS OF 2020 and higher education?

Have we got a fun opportunity for you right here, right now! #GenTxVictoria!

But first... what is GenTxVictoria? Let's start with GenTex.

"All over Texas, students are stepping up, finding their voices, and fueling the movement called Generation TX. Equal parts inspiration and information, Generation TX (spoken “Generation Texas”) connects us to each other and clarifies the steps we need to take on the path to college and career education, from taking the right classes and tests, to applying to colleges, and then finding the money to pay for school," offer the GenTex website.

Well #GenTxVictoria is a way for us to celebrate OUR Victoria seniors, students and graduates! 

We'll be showing our support and our love through social media on either Facebook or Instagram.

  • April 23rd through the 30th : Parents, educators and educators should upload and post a photo of their high school days along with message with a tip for seniors. We're calling it Throwback Thursday. #GenTxVictoria, #TBT
  • May 1st Community: Wear your favorite college shirt to show your support for the Class of 2020 by taking and uploading the photo to #GenTxVictoria
  • May 1st SENIORS post a selfie announcing your college decision at #GenTxVictoria.
  • Prizes Seniors can win cool prizes like laptops every day #GenTxVictoria
  • Update your profile picture on Facebook using at #GenTxVictoria

Congrats to the CLASS OF 2020 you are loved and deserving!

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