Many Crossroads Seniors have celebrated some sort of graduation ceremony, but Senior year is not over yet.  There is still one more thing for you to do. PROM!

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This Week Schroeder Hall, JP Productions, Danny Vivan Photography, Crossroads VIP Booth alongside the guidance of Jennifer Rayburn and many other volunteers present a three night prom event.

PROM 2020 “Dancing Under the Stars. Each night will host different schools, see list below.




Thursday Night 6/3: St. Joseph Flyers and West Warriors 

Friday Night 6/4: East Titans and Bloomington Bobcats 

Saturday Night 6/5: Surrounding Counties: Calhoun, Gonzales, Dewitt, Lavaca, Goliad, Jackson, 

If you don't see your school listed or if you would like volunteer, please send me an email for more information at

This event is open to Seniors ONLY and will need to provide a school ID, Report Card, or Diploma alongside their ticket.  This event is FREE.

Get your tickets at the Schroeder Hall by clicking here.

Moody Gardens is offering free admission to Seniors 


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