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If you are looking forward to a trip to a theme park for Spring Break, you might not want to wait. This weekend is the time to go! Now I realize that most students in our area will be enjoying Spring Break the week of March 15th - 19th. So, why this weekend?  Well, this is the last weekend before Texas is reopened back to 100%. Now I don't know just how fast these parks will increase their capacity but I do know crowds will slowly increase.  This means by going this weekend you will beat the bigger crowds and keep your ride wait times down.

I have been to Fiesta Texas and Sea World during the pandemic and I would recommend it. Imagine walking into Fiesta Texas and getting on the Goliath, Boomerang, The Superman: Krypton Coaster, The Poltergeist, The Wonder Woman: The Golden Lasso, and yes even the Road Runner Express with literally no wait time. I have done just this multiple times in the past year.   We also snuck in most of the smaller rides in as well. So it's basically like we had free reign of the park and rode whatever we wanted. We got in a whole day at Fiesta in just over 3 hours.  You even forget about having your mask on.

Our one trip to Sea World last year was a little different, we didn't get on anything!  As soon as we walked into the park one of the coasters got stuck and literally shut down the whole park.  You can read more about that experience by clicking here.

As of right now and for the foreseeable future you still need a reservation on top of your tickets to get into either park  They will continue to follow CDC face mask guidelines and require guests ages two and older and all team members to wear masks while in the parks. They will also continue to implement heightened sanitization protocols, encourage social distancing.

To reserve your spot and buy tickets to Fiesta Texas, click here.

To reserve your spot and buy tickets to Sea World, click here.


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