Sweets are essential during the holidays. As soon as you walk into any local HEB, you are surrounded by every type of pie imaginable in their bakery section. Plus, there's typically an entire aisle dedicated to holiday popcorn in a tin can.

However, Crossroad natives know where the real holiday cheer is made.

Cuero Pecan House

That's right, in our very own backyard, some genuine magical tasting goodies are being pumped out.

However, the timing is KEY.

Cuero Pecan House is open year-round, but during the December holidays, they dish out seasonal items that are out of this world!

The Pecan House has been keeping locals, and those passing by, happy and full since 1960. What once functioned as a seasonal facility, shifted into a year-round business-- hey supply and demand, give the people what they crave!

Right now, they have some seasonal items: peppermint popcorn, milk or white chocolate drizzled popcorn, and ranger cookies.

My go-to absolute favorite item, that I impatiently wait for every year, is their caramel popcorn with fresh pecans. You got to be quick with this one, though, because they go fast.

Aside from the seasonal items, they have an abundance of cookies, brownies, and even savory meals like stews and casseroles.

What kind of pecan house would they be if they didn't offer an abundance of pecans?

Candied pecans, chocolate pecans, pecan pies, pecan cookies, shelled pecans, cracks pecans, you name it, they have it!

One of the coolest services the Pecan House offers is they will crack your pecans for you, and it only costs 60 cents a pound!
So no need to break out your super eccentric nutcracker, the Pecan House in Cuero has got you covered!


If you feel like giving them a visit, they are located at 104 W. South Railroad St. in Cuero. You can also visit them online or place an order at 361-275-5632 for pickup, curbside, and even delivery.

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