So these goats balancing on a flexible steel ribbon is a thing.

The video above shows a little over a minute of four goats trying their best to stay atop a wobbly piece of steel ribbon in the ground. One by one, the wee little goats hop on top and try to remain standing on the steel ribbon as if they were playing "King of the Hill."

It's adorable to see the smaller goats slide down and then try to get back on top. It's almost as if they're trying to find the best way to get on top of the ribbon without falling down. They even approach the peak from different sides, perhaps in an attempt to balance out the weight on either side.

You have to give these goats a hand (or a hoof?), for being so committed and really giving the task their best efforts. Unfortunately, the largest goat isn't able to participate in the fun and games because of his size, but the two smaller goats and the one medium-sized fellow are able to persevere and manage to stand triumphantly on top at the end.

You can almost feel the sense of accomplishment emanating from the goats as they wobble back and forth on top of the steel ribbon. And even though they're rocking to and fro, they're very stable. Watch the video above and marvel at how these goats stick to the task and conquer the steel ribbon together.

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