Here is a great story for you animal lovers. Gorillas are coming back to the San Antonio Zoo after 30 years.  Currently, the zoo is in the fundraising phase for this habitat and it is estimated that it's going to cost around $15 million. The goal is to create one of the largest gorilla habitats in the United States. The habitat will feature unique spaces, vistas, and exploration opportunities for the guests and gorillas. This is awesome!

The current area is known as Tree Top and has had no animal habitats for over a decade. With the renovations, it will be transformed to Congo Falls, according to a San Antonio Zoo news release. The San Antonio Zoo saw its last gorilla in 1990 when the animal moved back to the Smithsonian National Zoo. Did you ever see the gorillas at the San Antonio Zoo back in the day?

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As reported, San Antonio Zoo president and CEO Tim Morrow says "We are one of just a few large city zoos that do not care for great apes, such as gorillas." He added, "Many children and adults in our community have never had the opportunity to see and learn about this amazing species." I would definitely make the road trip to see gorillas at the San Antonio Zoo. Would you?

The Texas Zoo in Victoria is also doing some exciting things in an effort to raise money.  Coming up in March it's 'Paint the Zoo' and in April is 'Wild About Wine.' Click here to find out how you can help the Texas Zoo in Victoria.

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