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Is it too soon to announce Calvin Gin as a National Hero?

Well, if you are a fan of Luby's Cafeteria (and if you're a Texan, we know you are) we've got some delicious news for you!

Calvin Gin, of the Chicago-based catering business, Flying Food Group, which includes airline catering, has acquired Luby's Cafeteria, giving Luby's and Texas a second chance at putting the LuAnn Platter back on top of the family dining pedestal.

Told you, a national hero, or a Texas hero at least!

Here are some of the stories we wrote during the original liquidation of Luby's Cafeterias throughout Texas in the buttons below.

How many Luby's Cafeterias are still open in Texas?

Right now there are 32 Luby's locations in Texas that will be part of the lifeline Gin has given to the company. You can check if there is a location near you open by clicking here and calling ahead if you are traveling to eat there.

"We are so pleased to be able to acquire the operation of these Luby's Cafeteria stores, one of the iconic brands in the Texas restaurant market," Gin offered. "This transaction will allow us to continue serving the many loyal Luby's customers at these locations and to provide long-term employment opportunities for the many associates currently at these locations."

It makes my heart skip a beat. Yes, please.

Who remembers our local Luby's cafeterias?

Who remembers when there was a Luby's at Town Plaza Mall? This was before my time, but for years when Luby's was located at Victoria Mall, it was my family's GO-TO cafeteria every Sunday after church!

The day we found out that our local Luby's had closed its doors, we had actually walked up to the door to eat when we read a makeshift sign announcing the closure. We were shocked and sad, but not as sad as our youngest daughter who was four at the time. She actually started crying. She was heartbroken that there was " No blue Jello" that day.

With the latest acquisition perhaps... just perhaps... we will one day see Luby's Cafeteria in the Crossroads again. And the LuAnn will once again reign supreme.

Your favorite menu item at Luby's Cafeteria?

Let us know on the station app or Facebook comments what your favorite Luby's menu item was! I know this will make some of you cringe, but hands down my favorite are the LuAnn Platter with liver and onions and mashers. It's sooooo good.

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