Storms moving through the Crossroads this weekend have caused some minor flooding in the area resulting in a warning from the National Weather Service office.

A Flood Warning has been issued for the Guadalupe River near Bloomington. The flood stage for the river is 20 feet. The Guadalupe River is currently at 17 feet and rising. With additional heavy rains possible in the area today, this is something to keep an eye on. Flooding of the Guadalupe will affect Refugio, Calhoun, and Victoria Counties this Saturday.

If you are traveling today you should not try to drive around any flood barricades or through water-covered roadways. Turn around and find a safer route.

The Guadalupe River is expected to rise above the 20-foot stage by later this evening and up to 20.5 feet by Sunday afternoon. With additional rainfall coming over the next several days the river could rise even higher. Right now, the National Weather Service expects the Guadalupe to be at 23.7 feet by Wednesday.

If you had thoughts of visiting the beach today the National Weather Service says there is a high risk for rip currents for Gulf facing beaches through the remainder of our Saturday.

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