On June 7, Victoria resident Lisa Plummer lost everything. A fire took down an entire home in Victoria last week.


Photo Courtesy Sabrina Hampton

We spoke to Sabrina Hampton, Plummer's granddaughter, and she explained"As of right now, all we know is that it started in the garage. We don’t know exactly how it’s still under investigation."


The fire comes as a tragic loss to the family. Linda Plummer has lived in that home for over 50 years. So many memories have been made in the home. Not only has Plummer raised her own two kids there she also raised her grandchildren and great-grandchildren there.

Photo Courtesy Sabrina Hampton

The silver lining is nobody was harmed. She escaped as well as her dog. She managed to grab some clothing, but the rest is a total loss. The family decided not to set up a GoFundMe account due to the fees however, they have a dedicated Venmo if anyone would like to donate by using the number 361-541-0719. You can also contact Sabrina Hampton at 361-541-0719 if you would like more information or would like to donate anything.


The fire came during a time when Texas heat was at a climax. Temperatures sky rocketing makes it even more difficult to put out fires. According to the Victoria Fire Chief, Tracy Fox, the excruciating high heat index made firefighters' work conditions more “intense and difficult” adding they had to be extra careful about heat strokes because of the hot conditions. Fortunately, the fire was contained in about 20 minutes.

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