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Okay so maybe the title is a little dramatic, but you absolutely can hunt and catch a killer in Victoria Texas. In fact, you can make it a date night. Hunt and catch a killer at the Victoria Public Library on April 26, 2021, from 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM for the VPL Night of True Crime.

The Victoria Public Library is always offering fun and out-of-the-box events. They are so much more than our community library, and Night of True Crime is just one example of what makes the Victoria Public Library a treasure. Think of it like this, you can go out on a date night, dinner, drinks, and then hunt and catch a killer. Or catch a killer and then go to dinner! I mean come on- you don't get to do that every night, right?
Here are the details from the VPL city of Victoria page which you can read here or peruse their Facebook page here as well.
"Join us for a night of True Crime. This will be an introduction meeting to lead into our True Crime book Club. We'll be solving a case from the popular Hunt-a-Killer game company while also discussing popular true crime books, podcasts, and documentaries."
I don't know about you, but right now I am obsessed with Facebook podcaster Bailey Serian and her 'Murder, Mystery and Makeup series. Oddly enough, I am not alone in this obsession. Killers are trending online, on podcasts and thanks to VPL in Victoria, the library too.
The event is free but you need to preregister and as per social distancing guidelines, all in attendance will be required to wear a mask.

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