I know those memories keep flowing in and it's like replaying a heartache over and over again, but you've got to LET IT GO! You've got so many new good memories to make so let the past be the past.

What to Wear
Ruby can help heal your heart.



Chow, watch out! The new self-worth you've been radiating has all eyes on you. There's a certain family situation that is weighing you down, but swats those negative vibes away, because remember you can fix people.

What to Wear
Break free from negativity with some Paradot.



You're flying high in your accomplishments. A past disappointment-ship keeps penetrating your energy. You've got to let it go, you've already made it!

What to Wear
Moonstone can help give you clarity.



You're holding on to negative situations and it's weighing you down, literally with aches and pains. Healing your energy will bring you a flow and abundance.

What to Wear
Health and wealth gravitate towards you when you have emerald on you.



Do we smell a new love affair in the air? Yup! Keep an eye out.

What to Wear
Sparkle and shine with some Opal.



That significant other who's come back into your life is here for a purpose: to help you heal! 

What to Wear
Get that new passion and enthusiasm with Rubellite.



Keeping the karma wheel balanced can be a full-time job. It's time to disconnect just sit, breathe, and be.

What to Wear
You can attract positive and necessary life changes with Turquoise.



Career changes are coming and it definitely hasn't been easy trusting the process. Be proud of yourself for following through, adjusting your new schedule is about to happen.

What to Wear
Moldavite can strengthen your unique qualities.



Being different hasn't been easy but this has allowed you to be free-spirited. However, this can cause understanding but walk tall because you are teaching others what having inner peace looks like.

What to Wear
Keep a positive flow with Malikite.



You are in it for the good of the whole. This is why and how you will reach all of your goals.

What to Wear
Amethyst will help keep the faith.



Your tail feathers are being ruffled up again. A situationship is full of drama so let it go! Releasing that energy will free you. Remember you owe anyone anything.

What to Wear
Get healing and answers with Amber.



You're rising to new levels with personal commitments. Your optimism and positive thinking are bringing you gifts from the universe.

What to Wear
Flourite will help keep you naturally beautiful and authentic.

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