Twitter is full of opinions - popular or not!

Kidd TV's Ana and J-Si find humor in tweets found on Twitter, whether it's in a post or as a response, and in some cases this is where they get a lot of their news (be it popular or not)! In this morning's segment Ana takes to Twitter and presents to KiddNation topics that are blowing up on the social media giant, but the viewpoint is one that isn't very popular at the moment. For instance, 'Beyonce being overrated'. Of course you know this can and will stir up the Bey-hive because of this unpopular opinion! Then J-Si releases upon KiddNation his unpopular opinion on Prince music! Even before Twitter can react to the news, certain cast members speak up immediately! Watch it all unfold in the following best of video from The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show!

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