Need an upbeat Dallas Cowboys story for today? Yeah, we all do.

I know most people don't even want to think about the Cowboys today after that tough loss against the Packers, but this is a great story about how Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett went to visit local Wichita Falls resident Jeremy Johnson in the hospital and the personal follow-up message he sent after the visit.

Jeremy is currently battling stage 3c Seminoma cancer and was at T. Boone Pickens Hospital in Dallas getting scans in September of last year when Garrett took some time out of his busy schedule to visit him.

I imagine what Jeremy is going through is a very stressful ordeal, but luckily an appearance from Jason Garrett could help take Jeremy's mind off of what was going on.

But that's not all Garrett did. He has also stayed in contact with Jeremy and his wife Crystal. Garrett recently sent them a personal text message (photo seen below) wanting to know how everything has been going -  a classy move that will make anyone proud, Cowboys fan or not.

We are all hoping Jeremy can beat this, and if you would like to help and keep track of his progress, check out the Supporting Jeremy Johnson page on Facebook.

Check Out Jason Garrett's personal text message to Jeremy and Crystal Johnson below:

Jason Garrett text message
Jason Garrett text message (Screenshot Courtesy of the Johnson Family)

Crystal Johnson posted the above screen shot from the text to Facebook with the following caption: "A text message from Jason Garrett asking how we are doing. Makes the wait for the results of Jeremy's scans on Monday a little easier!"


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