Jenna and Ana are having boy problems, but they are totally different issues.

For the first time ever in a relationship, Jenna has the feeling of jealousy. After her boyfriend went on a business meeting with another woman from Mexico, he didn't quite answer Jenna's questions right when she questioned him how the meeting went. Hearing his answers left her feeling a little jealousy, something she's never felt before. Listen to how Juan Snow answered Jenna's questions leading her to this feeling.

Then there's Ana's, her problem is completely different. Her mom volunteered her to take a total stranger with her on her road trip this weekend from Dallas to Houston. Her mom met this lady whose son doesn't have a car and was in need of a ride to Houston and since Ana'a mom knew she was making the trip to Houston she volunteered Ana to bring him to Houston! It's the picture of the 22 year old guy that has the cast talking about this so much. We'll find out what happens on this trip on Monday. In the meantime, listen to the audio clip below to listen to the cast describe this dude.

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