Lindsay Lohan is going back to jail for violating her probation. No, this is not a rerun of a story you think you’ve heard before, although it sure sounds like it, since this will be her fifth stint behind bars.

While the ‘Mean Girls’ star has been sentenced to 30 days, officials expect she’ll most likely serve six. Lohan has to turn herself to begin serving her stint in the slammer by November 9, so while she preps for her return, we thought we’d help look at the lighter side with these jokes:

1. Her original trip to jail has spawned more sequels than any of her movies.

2. She has to turn herself in by November 9. That will give the jail just enough time to plan a “Welcome Home” party.

3. Her rap sheet is longer than her list of movies.

4. Lindsay Lohan in jail. That’s about as shocking as saying two plus two equals four.

5. Lindsay is the girl next door. If you happen to live next door to a house surrounded by a 30-foot wall topped with barbed wire.

6. Six days in jail? Finally, there’s something that won’t last as long as Kim Kardashian’s marriage.

7. Lindsay is such a risk to cast in any project she can’t get work as an extra in the jailhouse’s production of ‘Oklahoma.’

8. Lindsay is going to jail? Like father, like daughter.

9. Most people don’t realize that Lohan is derived from an old Latin word meaning “incarcerated.”

10. Lindsay will be jailed for six days, which is still longer than most of her movies stay in theaters.

11. Lindsay’s on her fifth go-round as a prisoner. Unless you’re in one of the ‘Harry Potter’ or ‘Twilight’ movies, no role should be reprised this many times.

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