Like a real-life game of Monopoly, Lindsay Lohan is again going directly to jail.

During a court appearance on Wednesday, she admitted violating her probation and has been ordered to turn herself in before November 9 to begin serving a 30-day sentence in the Los Angeles County Jail. However, a sheriff’s department spokesperson says Lohan will likely serve just 20 percent of that sentence, or six days, due to overcrowding.

Another 270 days will be stayed pending the completion of a strictly scheduled set of parameters, which include serving 12 community service days at the LA County Morgue and undergoing four 45-minute psychotherapy sessions before December 14.

Judge Stephanie Sautner noted that the Downtown Women’s Shelter, where Lohan was to complete her previously-mandated community service hours but failed to do so, didn’t want her back — and another shelter, Good Shepherd Center for Homeless Women, “refused to take” the starlet because she was “a bad example for women trying to get their lives in order.”

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