Is Bieber Fever a symptom of a rage virus? It may appear so in Oslo, Norway, where Beliebers have taken over the streets, leading the police to consider declaring a state of emergency.

TMZ reports that tens of thousands of Justin Bieber fans have literally overrun the city, sending Oslo into a state of fandemonium. This sounds pretty scary, especially when you take into account the piercing screams that probably go along with them. Biebs is set to perform four new tracks as part of an ‘Around the World’ TV special, and Beliebers from all around Europe have bombarded Oslo in hopes of catching a glimpse of the ‘Boyfriend’ singer.

The crowds have been so huge that cops are asking Bieber to hit the stage early in hopes of clearing them out before they get completely out of control. It’s so bad that Bieber is hiding in a secret location and has to be taken by helicopter to the stage. Take it easy, Beliebers!

The police appealed to the prince of pop himself to assuage the audiences to calm down. The boy wonder tweeted a message to his fans begging them to take it easy and listen to the authorities:

Spoken like both a true professional and someone who is genuinely concerned for his fans. Well played, Bieber. Now get moving onto the stage before riots start breaking out!