Far be it from me to criticize someone looking for relationship advice on Facebook. It happens every day… one of my friend's status updates let me (and their other 1000 friends) know they’re having second thoughts or troubles in the relationship they’re currently in.

But when a page created as an advertising ploy for a 50 year old toy line starts asking people what they think should be done in a relationship, I have to say something about it.

Sue me, I shouldn’t have an opinion on Barbie’s former beau, Ken. I’m a guy so the only interaction I had with the Barbie and Ken dolls were when I needed some bodies for my G.I. Joe “hostage scenario”. Poor Ken rarely made it out alive but the noble rescuers were always there to comfort poor Barbie in her time of loss. Look, my imagination is a soap opera. Don’t judge me.

Mattel actually is looking to fans of Ken’s Facebook page to determine if the two former lovebirds will be reunited in coming weeks with a poll on the social networking site. For those of you who didn’t know, Ken and Barbie apparently parted ways on Valentine’s Day seven years ago. I’m willing to bet she finally got with one of the Joes because they were way more macho. I mean, have you seen Ken? Every time I see him, he’s got like a pink sweater tied around his neck. Totally un-macho.

But Mattel said that after the split, Barbie hooked up with some Australian surfer doll named Blaine. Blaine. Surfer or not, Blaine is a lame name for a rebound boy.

Ken’s aiming to win back Barbie’s heart next week when Valentine’s Day rolls around and according to Ken’s page, it’s up to the fans of the toy line to ultimately decide the fate of the plastic lovers.

There’s no word as of yet on how the Facebook poll was looking or if there was any word on whether there was a page for a jilted Joe who’s had his heart been broken while he was off fighting a war he couldn’t win while Barbie snuck off with some Australian surfboard jockey.

Soap opera imagination, I tell ya. Bite me.

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