Here’s a shocker. Sources close to the situation claim that the purported “relationship” between rapper Kanye West and famous-for-being-famous marketing genius Kim Kardashian is merely a publicity stunt. No! Come on! They’re doing it for the media attention? Who’d a thunk it?

Well, most pop culture watchers believe that Kardashian’s blink-and-you’ll-miss-it, 72-day marriage to NBA player Kris Humphries was much the same, so it’s not surprising if the dalliance with West is for the cameras. It’s a fauxmance.

According to Hollywoodlife, it’s all for show. So, it’s a “showmance.”

“Whether or not they are in a real relationship, it’s a publicity stunt to sell records on his part and more importantly for her, to divert people from talking about her divorce,” an insider told the site of the Kim / Kanye dalliance. Will their name be Kimye? Keezy perhaps? We could do this for hours!

The source continued, “If anyone deserves each other, it’s these two. They both love publicity and material things.”

West did deliver ‘Mercy,’ a new song from his G.O.O.D. Music album on Friday (April 6), just around the time the romance reports began popping up. A few days prior, he issued ‘Theraflu,’ which is not endorsed by the makers of the cold medicine of the same name, mind you. On the jam, Yeezy admits to having fallen in love with Kardashian and even threatens, via verse, to get her husband (at the time) booted from the Nets, since his Watch the Throne cohort Jay-Z owns the team.

Still with us? Wait, it gets messier. Earlier this year, West’s ex Amber Rose, now happily engaged to Wiz Khalifa, said that her relationship with Yeezy ended because he was cheating on her with the curvy reality star and sex tape maker.

The Hollywood Life source claims that Kardashian is orchestrating this entire campaign and is going as far as to let the paps know her whereabouts in advance so she and the rapper can be photographed together. The source said, “I’m convinced they are the ones who have been tipping off the paparazzi to take their photos everywhere they go so that they can get the publicity. Someone who is calling the paparazzi can’t be as desperate about her divorce as she says she is.”

Kardashian’s mother Kris is also said to be driving this media blitz, as well. The source also thinks Double K are a match made in media heaven, declaring, “I must say they they make a perfect couple. They both love the limelight and can’t get enough attention.”

But don’t go feeling sorry for Humphries, who was ditched after two months of marriage and humiliated in the process. This isn’t a big “eff you” to him and he’s not licking his wounds over it. TMZ reports that he is indifferent to the “relationship.” Perhaps he considers it par for the course, as the same thing happened to him.

The site also said that West’s rap about being able to have him booted from his team is a comical, simply because Jay-Z doesn’t orchestrate personnel decisions and that the Hova is, in fact, a fan of the player.

This is one krazy fauxmance.

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