Forget that pesky lawsuit over a sample from her smash hit ‘Vogue.’ Pop queen Madonna has bigger legal fish to fry, so to speak. Madge chose to disregard and ignore the warning to remove the depiction of a swastika on the forehead of National Front party leader Marine Le Pen when she brought the MDNA tour to France.

Madge included the image of Le Pen in one of her video montages at her French gig on July 14 and will be hit with a lawsuit imminently.

“A private plaintiff’s case for insult will be presented next week,” Florian Philippot, vice-president of the National Front, told Reuters, calling the images unacceptable, especially since Le Pen has worked to rid the party of extremists while wiping out racist and anti-Semitic rhetoric since assuming leadership.

“It is our duty to bring a complaint to defend our voters and our supporters,” Philippot said.

Madonna stirred up controversy by employing swastikas during the tour’s opening show in Israel of all places. When Le Pen got wind of it, she accused the Material Girl of being an aging pop star looking for publicity and dared her to try the stunt in France.

Well, she did it and she’ll have to pay the piper, although something tells us that Madge’s act of defiance means she doesn’t give a you-know-what about offending Le Pen.

Our only question here is why Madge is incorporating images of Le Pen and former Repulican VP candidate Sarah Palin into a pop show? Music is political and an instrument of change, but we’re not so sure a Madonna show is the best venue for sweeping political sentiments or to encourage such discourse. While this is by no means a show of support for Le Pen, Madge’s decision to use a swastika is questionable, because of the connotations and history of the symbol. It means a lot of things to a lot of people and we think she might have gotten her point across effectively in other ways.

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