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Yes, there are mammoth hunters in the Crossroads.

And I want to be one too.

My desire to learn to be a 'mammoth hunter' has nothing to do with killing an animal for food. I think it's an ancient and innate desire to protect my tribe.

And... maybe to wear a loincloth.

I'm not even kidding. It all started by finding what I think might be the coolest camp I've seen for the summer so far.

Mammoth Hunters Summer Camp.

This is a summer camp I could have really gotten into as a kid.

Hosted by the Museum of the Coastal Bend, Mammoth Hunter Summer Camp will be held from June 21st through the 25th. Dubbed as "The Mammoth Hunter Summer Camp that will turn your child into a prehistoric mammoth hunter," the camp includes activities that explore climate, geology, ecology, and historical lifeways will introduce the culture and civilization of early peoples that called the Coastal Bend region home.

Here is what I imagine this camp to look like.

Me, as a carefree kid, wearing a loincloth running around on the VC Campus throwing atlatls.

What the heck is 'atlatls?'

The atlatls predate the bow and arrow as an ancient weapon allowing humans to hunt animals and to protect themselves from longer distances. It's been said that every race, throughout the world, had a version of an atlatl, including our ancestors here in the Crossroads. It's also been said that atlatls were critical to our survival.

Here is a great video from National Geographic to educate you further on the atlatl.


Even though the camp for kids is full, YOU can still learn to throw an atlatl.

From June 8th through September 5th you can visit the Museum of the Coastal Bend and learn to throw spears with atlatls just like Texas' earliest people! Participate in the Mammoth Hunt summer promotion by purchasing 3 throws for $1 and if you hit the targets you can win prizes!

I am so there!

To find out more about the Mammoth Hunting Camps AND Mammoth Hunt summer promotion by visiting the Museum of the Coastal Bends website here.

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