Remember those days in high school where your regular history teacher would call in sick and some anonymous substitute would just put on a VHS of Glory or Gettysburg and call it a day? It turns out that practice is still alive and well at universities across the country, with one small difference: instead of some random recent college graduate as a substitute teacher, these students will be visited by Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey.

According to the University of Texas website, McConaughey and his Free State of Jones director Gary Ross will provide students with a behind-the-scenes look at the development and production process for the 2016 release. Variety also notes that McConaughey and Ross will deliver most of their lectures via pre-recorded video, but that McConaughey is expected to be on campus at least once during the semester.

Even if Free State of Jones was not exactly the critical success that McConaughey and Ross hoped it would be — ironically, our own review of the film suggested it would be a terrible addition to any class syllabus — whatever proprietary educational material the University of Texas was able to produce could offer students an invaluable look at the making of a major Hollywood motion picture. Students looking to learn the ins and outs of Hollywood production have certainly already added Advanced Producing to their course wishlist, even if it means having to suffer through hours of McConaughey charm and candor.

Here is the full course description from the University of Texas website:

Script to Screen takes students behind the scenes of the 2016 film Free State of Jones written and directed by Gary Ross (The Hunger Games) and starring Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey (Interstellar). By studying the movie’s source material, script, shot lists, storyboards, shooting schedule, VFX, final cut and even exclusive behind the scenes footage, students will garner insight into the production of a major Hollywood feature. This class also gives students practical instruction on producing their own projects including web series, shorts, commercials and indie features. From guidance on pitching to the ins and outs of founding a production company, Script to Screen is an essential “how-to” for students who are serious about a career in production.

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