The Wanted have long have an exhausting and repetitive feud with One Direction that neither band seems able to stop talking about -- though it seems the Wanted get asked about it much more often than 1D does.

Now, Max George is revealing that the band almost came to a face-to-face confrontation -- and whether it would have been a heart-to-heart apology sesh or a fist fight is unclear.

George told Fabulous magazine (via SugarScape) that both groups almost met up in New York City, but that One Direction made a run for it before any encounter went down. "That's the 100% honest truth," he said. "They got the car pulled up to the back of the stage and got straight in."

To be fair, 1D are busy guys. Maybe they just had things to do!

Still, the One Direction boys aren't being too passive, either. Zayn Malik recently told The Metro, "I already offered Max. I asked him if he wants to fight. I've already said to him I'll fight him and he didn't want to." Uh oh! There's that Bradford Bad Boy!

The most vocal about the feud from 1D's end, Louis Tomlinson, added, "It is such bullocks because they will not live up to their word."

C'mon guys. Can't we all just get along -- or at least act like Siva Kaneswaran, Nathan Sykes, Niall Horan and Harry Styles and stay out of this nonsense?

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