Victoria I.S.D has some news that is putting some pep into the steps of students who will either be graduate candidates or V.I.S.D Leadership Academy, participants. reports that the hard work by Superintendent Shepherd and the 23-member board who look for opportunities to help students do more than just enroll in classes. The board's director is Robin Harkey who said, “Scholarships are one of the mission-critical aspects of helping our students and V.I.S.D. leaders forge a path that will help them grow in the direction of their dreams.”

One of the new scholarships being created will be specifically for those who have been a part of and graduated from the Leadership Academy and are a part of the UHV Master of Education in Admin and Supervision. The UHV Graduate Leader Scholarship will award one individual with $1,000 dollars. 2021 Grads who have already been accepted for Fall 2021 can apply for the scholarship.

Two thousand twenty-one graduates who have already received acceptance and are enrolled for Fall 2021 will have the opportunity to apply for a one-time $1000 scholarship to the University of Houston-Victoria.

I can remember spending much of my senior year applying for any and every scholarship I could qualify for prior to college. I'm so glad I did because even after the grant money, I ended up going to school over the next 15 years for two different degrees so I'm really glad I got as much help as I could.

Make a note! The Brother Gary Moses Ride for Change Scholarship will soon be accepting applications from Crossroads students. We are about to begin asking for essays to be submitted by local minority students and we plan on awarding the Scholarship this spring. Be sure to follow this page for more updates and information.

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