It's March, and that means the new Texas law has just gone into effect which will lead to just one sticker on your windshield instead of two.

The state inspection sticker is going away, and you'll just get one registration sticker the next time you renew.

It's the "Two Steps, One Sticker" law, and it means when we renew our registration, the clerk's office will electronically verify whether we've had the state inspection and whether we passed or failed. Then they'll issue the new registration sticker.

Here's what KHOU says are possible scenarios:

  • If your stickers expire in the same month, you have 90 days prior to get your inspection done, ahead of re-registering your vehicle.
  • If your inspection expires before your registration. Get your inspection when it expires. This time, you won't get a sticker, just an inspection report. Then, go to the tax office with that report when your registration is due and get one sticker for both.
  • If your inspection expires after your registration, you're in luck. When you go to get your car registered, your inspection is still current. So you've got one more cycle before you've got to get your car inspected again.

Texas lawmakers passed this law during the last session, and it went into effect on Sunday. There's not a lot of chatter about the law and it seems like most people don't know about the new procedures. Now you do!

And you'll have less clutter on that nice ride of yours.

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