With landfall of Tropical Storm Don expected to be Friday night, we will be using this post to keep you abreast of all the latest developments, warnings, and conditions in regards to this storm. As information becomes available, this post will be updated. The map above updates at five minute intervals. You can get the latest radar picture by hitting refresh on your web browser.


Tropical Storm DON Update # 2:

Tropical Storm Likely Won’t Affect Victoria Area

(VICTORIA, TEXAS) Latest information received from the National Weather Service shows Tropical Storm Don tracking further south with an expected landfall near the Kingsville/Baffin Bay area of the Texas coast.

There appears to be very little chance of any significant rain or wind in the Victoria area. Unless the storm changes course again, this is the last update on Tropical Storm Don.


Tropical Storm DON Update # 1:

Tropical Storm Warning Issued; Landfall expected Friday night

(VICTORIA, TEXAS) Victoria Emergency Management officials are closely monitoring the track of Tropical Storm Don as it moves toward the central Texas coast.

At this time, a Tropical Storm Warning has been issued for the central Texas coast from Baffin Bay to Matagorda Bay. The National Weather Service expects Don to make landfall as a strong Tropical Storm somewhere on the coastal bend of Texas, with tropical storm force winds arriving at the landfall area around 7 p.m. on Friday night. If Tropical Storm Don stays on its current track, the Victoria area could see between 3-5 inches of rain and sustained winds at around 60 mph at landfall.

Victoria emergency officials recommend that:

1. All residents should stay off the roads Friday night and Saturday morning if high winds or tropical force winds hit the area.
2. All residents should secure any items around their home including garbage cans and any other loose items. Any loose items around the home will become projectiles in storm force winds.
3. All residents should review their emergency plan or browse to www.onestorm.org to create a free emergency plan.
4. The Red Cross suggests that residents assemble a "disaster supplies kit" to you keep in your home. It should contain a first aid kit with essential medication in addition to the usual items; a battery powered radio, flashlight, and extra batteries; canned and other non-perishable food items and a hand-operated can opener; bottled water for three days; sturdy shoes and work gloves; and written instructions on how to turn off your homes utilities.
5. Residents are urged to fuel their vehicles now to avoid any rush at the gas pumps.
6. Residents living in mobile homes, RVs and campers should inspect their anchors and make plans to stay elsewhere if they do not feel safe in storm force winds.

Monitor the storm
Residents should monitor local news outlets for the latest developments on this event. The City Web site: www.victoriatx.org has updates available on Tropical Storm Don.

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