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Beloved Houston Icon, Pancho Claus, is celebrating 40 years of giving at Christmas.

Children line the streets on the East side of Houston as the sound from the horn of Pancho Claus' low rider makes its way to them.

This year, as he has done for the last 40 years, Pancho Claus brings hope and the spirit of Christmas not to just the children, but to everyone he meets.

This year, with things being tight, Houston 11 reports that Pancho Claus needed more help, and just like the Christmas miracles we all hope for, Pancho's Christmas wish came true. Thanks to Houston police officers, "low riders" as Pancho calls them, and local businesses, Pancho was honored for raising $10,000.00 at Houston's City Council meeting.

Pancho Claus has been in Houston for 40 years, but Richard Reyes, the man behind the character, is 70.

Pancho offers, "We’re gonna have several Pancho Clauses in the community, giving 3 times the gifts so we can reach as many kids as we can,” he said.

Even while we see so many businesses back open, folks are still struggling as ever through the recovery.

“Folks are just getting their jobs back, behind on the mortgage or cars. Toys are on the back burner," Houston11 captures in their YouTube interview below.

This year Pancho has three " understudies" to help him deliver gifts to Houston communities, leaving many to wonder if Pancho will retire after this season. But even if he does, we know he will put his heart and soul into training those that may come after him.

" Pancho is a spirit, a movement." Richard Reyes offers. 

Crossroads, create your own movement. Happy Holidays!

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