Moving is tedious, time-consuming, and overall stressful. First, you have to pack up all your old stuff, find a place to live(which may be the most challenging part), then actually physically move all your items to your new home. It's hard work, and quite honestly, I don't know anybody who genuinely loves moving. 

When Tedious Becomes Ugly

When You are uplifting your entire space and transporting it to another location, the last thing you want is more stress. But, unfortunately, bad things happen to good people that can make your move ten times harder. I'm talking about getting scammed. Last year Americans there were more than 13,600 reported victims of real estate fraud.

Duped in Port Lavaca 

Recently, a local woman took to social media to spread awareness about a personal scam she fell victim to. MeLisa Ann was referred to an apartment in Port Lavaca by a highly reputable local real estate agent. So naturally, she needed a place to stay, so she jumped on the recommended apartment. 

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MeLisa contacted the landlord and received a few photos of the available apartment. In addition, she had received a few images of a nice bathroom and some details of the residence. Not long after, an almost $1800 deposit was sent, and residency was ensured. 

Nothing Like the Photos

Unfortuenly for MeLisa, the apartment was nothing like the photos she had received. To say the bathroom was unfinished would be an understatement. However, after contacting MeLisa, she revealed a few details about the state of the home, "Insulation was in the bathtub that was full of moldy, rotten clothes." 

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In a Facebook post, MeLisa exposed the photos of the apartment and how it was when she arrived. She commented about the exchange of photos, saying, "she sent pictures of a beautiful kitchen... when I got there it was full of moldy furniture, huge blk trash bags full of I don't know."

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Taking Action

MeLisa has confirmed she will be pursuing legal action against the landlord. In addition, she has filed a civil suit, contacted the Better Business Bureau and the health department. 

Keep Yourself Safe With These Tips

Scams happen everywhere, even at a local level. However, you can help keep yourself safe from scams by following a few tips from the Texas Attorney General.

  • Never give a deposit before seeing the residence-this should be a red flag if they cannot show you the home.
  • Watch out for odd payment requests- no wiring money, you can go ahead and treat that like cash; once it's gone, it cannot be returned.
  • Do some research. Make sure the landlord and property are reputable in the area. 

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