It's been a crazy year for ALL of us, but with school recently starting BOTH online AND in person all at once, your teacher could probably use a little more Pep in their Step!

Thanks to you, your favorite teacher OR administrator at East or West High School is about to be the peppiest, er' "Dr. Peppiest" staff member in the teacher's lounge!

We're looking for the BEST administers and teachers at East and West High School to honor them with a YEAR'S SUPPLY of Dr. Pepper Cream Soda!

That's right, a YEAR'S supply of the best beverage in Texas! Dr. Pepper!

Nominating your favorite administer or teacher is easy!

Did you know Dr. Pepper is the oldest manufactured soda in the United States? Yep, in fact it was originally made in 1885 right in Waco, Texas which might be why its the favorite soft drink of Texas!

Did you also know that on average 94% of teachers in the United States spends about $500.00 of their own money on supplies for their classrooms each year? Yep, that's how dedicated most teachers are to engaging and educating their students by making sure their students get what they need in the classrooms.

A cold Dr. Pepper Cream Soda would really hit the spot for your favorite administrator or teacher, especially knowing YOU nominated them!

Winners will be announced Monday, November 30th.

Put some Pep in your Admins or Teacher's STEP!

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Speaking of Dr. Pepper, let's take a tour of the famous Dr. Pepper mansion in Waco, Texas. Ah, Waco,Texas. where is all began!

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