In what has become a crowd favorite, the Victoria Livestock Show Karaoke contest is back!   The qualifying rounds continue on Thursdays at Dodge City Saloon. The Top prize is $1000.00 with more prizes for other top finishers.


If you would like to attempt to make it to the finals at the Beer Garden.  Just show up at Dodge City Saloon around 8:30 on Thursdays leading up to the finals.  There will be three different judges every week which will feature local musicians and people with musical knowledge.  This year they will also have a 'wild card' which means if you did not make the top three but they feel you have potential you still get your ticket punched for the finals.  You can also try out as many Thursdays as you would like.


The finals will take place in the Beer Garden on Saturday, February 26th at the Community Center Annex.  You can also catch some other great live entertainment in the Beer Garden, click here for more information. The 76th Victoria Livestock Show will get kicked off on Saturday, February 12 with the parade in Downtown Victoria


The Pride of Texas Shows offers crips, clean, and very colorful rides. All the 'carnies' wear the same uniforms and are friendly. The overall presentation of the carnival is clean when it comes to the cable management and overall spacing of the grounds.  The 2022 Victoria Livestock Show Carnival will run from Thursday, February 17th- to Sunday, February 27th. Get more information about the 76th Victoria Livestock Show.

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