Wednesday evening at the end of the 6 o'clock hour police responded to a shots fire call. According to Victoria Police Department authorities, the officers arrived on the scene just minutes before 7 o'clock.

Residents at the Victoria Place Apartment were soon in the middle of a full-on crime scene. VPD reports some type of altercation ensued and ended with gunshots. One resident of the apartment complex received non-life-threatening injuries, while sadly, another was dead on arrival.

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No details have been officially confirmed by authorities however, there have been some details shared online by residents. One resident of the apartment complex commented about the situation. Apparently, the resident saw the entire thing go down and claims, "yeah and the guy that died was just trying to help out and got in the way of shots."

This is not the first fatal shooting that Airline Drive has recorded. Just last year just blocks away at local hotspot Burdogz, a Victoria resident was shot and killed.

Victoria Police Department is giving it there all to ensure the safety of all the Victoria citizens. According to their Annual Report for 2020, crime was drastically down. There was a 43% decrease in violent crimes, which is relieving.

To stay on point Victoria Police Department purchased an Apex Officer training system. This helps officers train for real-life events combining artificial intelligence(like VR) for multi-scenario situations.

No suspect has been announced or person charged with anything as of now. If you have any information you should give the Victoria Polie Department a call.

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