The spooky season is here! So, it only seems appropriate to kick start the season with some spooky activities. While trick-or-treating and Halloween parties might be hard to find in some areas, other haunted attractions are ready to go all over the Lone Star State.

Sometimes around Halloween, we all get a little curious about some of the haunted places that may be just down the road and right under our nose. To get things into the Halloween Spirit we sent our intern Alex Salinas to track down some local hot spots for our fellow ghost hunters. Here are her recommendations for four legit haunts in the Crossroads area. Did we mention legit? Cause these places seem pretty dang scary to us! So gas up the car and get ready to exploration to some pretty terrifically creepy places.

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  • 1

    Old Hauschild Opera House

    This is a perfect little starting point. Located in Downtown Victoria, this, once opera house, has been home to numerous tenants. Some rumors floating around from a former tenant claiming to have heard furniture moving around upstairs, only to find the upstairs completely bare. At one point, this spot was vacated by an antique mall, and the dealers would open up in the morning, only to find their items randomly broken.

    Wesley Adams
    Wesley Adams
  • 2

    Salem Bridge

    Salem Bridge just screams spooky; I mean, the name Salem is automatically associated with witches and all things spooky. That being said, Salem bridge is a small, simple space located down Salem Road and has some pretty creepy stories behind it. This particular bridge is a hot spot for wrecks, and with the combination of its name and the creepy vibes, this bridge is a must-see spot to visit. Many locals claim to have heard a woman screaming while visiting the bridge. Whether you plan on doing a slow drive-by or hop out of your vehicle and take a peek around, be sure to turn those cameras on and document it all.

  • 3

    Goliad Presidio La Bahia

    The next destination is an absolute hotspot for those who want to get wicked spooky—this particular spot where the infamous Battle of Goliad and the Goliad Massacre tragically took place. Numerous accounts of ghostly sightings have been told, and a quick YouTube search will bring up some excitingly scary videos documenting some pretty paranormal activity.

    Wesley Adams
    Wesley Adams
  • 4

    Yoakum Community Hospital

    This next stop is sure to get those spooky vibes flowing. The Yoakum Memorial Hospital is a local favorite and has gotten quite a bit of attention from out of towners as well. Numerous paranormal investigators have visited this site looking for some juicy footage to back up some pretty wild theories. For example, one of the commonly told stories is of a nurse who worked in this hospital who was actually murdered in the hospital itself by her estranged husband one casual evening.
    KSAT reported on this exact Hospital. In an interview with one paranormal investigator, Guillermo Fuentes from San Antonio was investigating the hospital one night with his crew. When they were on the second floor, Fuentes was suddenly grabbed by something and immediately turned on the lights to find three mysterious scratches on his arm.

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