I am so happy it's almost spring time. You know what that means! Time to get outdoors and soak up the sunshine. I have to agree with my cousin Sarah in that I love driving by and seeing all these kids playing baseball. It's so rewarding to watch the kids advance from the first practice to the last game; from the kid who picked flowers in the outfield to catching the pop fly at the final game.

One of my girlfriends, Monica, enjoys the wildflowers, sunshine, time spent at the Riverwalk, rodeo, and just generally being outdoors. When she mentioned wildflowers, it reminded me of Easter time and how my mom would put my twin sister and me in matching dresses with our Easter baskets and then go find the prettiest wildflowers to take a photo by.

Jason Kuecker said he enjoys floating on the river in Gruene listening to music. which I am looking forward to doing. I think floating down the river has to be one of the most relaxing things... unless that is if you flip your tube while going down a chute. I haven't had this happen to me yet but I have seen it happen and it's not something I want to experience.

Shanna Kurtz loves the long weekends at Port O Connor. I think there is something about being in the sun the smell of salt water and being in flip flops that can take away all your worries.

Last but not least, Monett Cox reminded me it's the color of green and everything blooming that makes spring so pretty, especially after a winter like we just had. I hate clover in the yard but at one point, it was actually looking good to me just for some color, which my husband would argue with me on.

I wish all of you a springtime full of happiness, good memories and lots of time spent outside. Enter this bonus code word and get 5000 points "HAPPY"!

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