Officers walked into a disturbing scene after opening the door to an abandoned home in Harris County.

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This isn't the first time a decomposing body was found inside the walls of a Harris County home. One of the most notorious discoveries unfolded in Houston, Texas.

While viewing a recently foreclosed home, a couple fell in love with a quirky home nestled in between massive complexes. Little did they know, the home had a difficult history.


Years before, police were called out after a horrendous stench was hovering around the home, which was abandoned at the time. When police arrived they discovered a home full of dead cats and no owner to be found.

As the new couple began looking around, the man noticed something peculiar in the attic. One of the floorboards popped up and when he looked closer he noticed there was a hole.


The man got a flashlight and began to look down the hole. That's when he was shocked to find the dead and decomposed body of Mary Sheppard.

Police believe that back in 2015, Mary likely went up to the attic to check on her cats and stepped on the loose floorboard. The ground likely gave out and she fell through, trapping her in a gap between the walls, til she died.

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