Blood Runs Cold

Texas may be a state used to heat, but sometimes blood runs cold in the Lone Star state. There are twisted killers whose rage gets the best of them.

A Killer Can Be Right Next To You

Killers can sometimes be the ones you lay in bed with. They say love can make people do crazy things, and that is definitely the case with a few Texans. We put together a list of some of the most troubled and brutal killers that let love get the best of them.

All in the Name of Love

Many of these chilling murders were done in the name of love. Jealousy mixed with betrayal can cause quite a scene, and that was definitely the case for these murderers.

Check Out the Disturbing Cases of Love Gone Sour

Keep scrolling to see some of the most disturbing Texas killers. Valentine's Day is a few months away but lets read about how love can be fatal, like the time that woman grabbed an ax and chopped up her best friend in a supernatural state of rage.

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