If your family has been anxious to go enjoy the great outdoors we have some good news! Texas State parks have resumed overnight camping.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department will begin taking reservations for overnight camping as of today according to ABC13.com.

It's important to note that State Parks will not allow you to just show up with your family and camp for the weekend. Its all part of the new normal as the state reopens. Just about every activity from camping to a trip to Six Flags may require some sort of reservation or check-in system so don't expect to be able to just pick up and go (the way camping is kind of meant to be).

The parks will be honoring limited reservations so they can make sure the campgrounds do not become overcrowded and make social distancing more difficult. Once the parks can accommodate additional guests, Texas parks and Wildlife says they will make another official announcement down the road. At this time anyone with a camping reservation will be required to pre-purchase and then print their day-use and overnight permits for their camping trip.

To make a reservation to camp at a Texas State Park you can call 512-389-8900. Right now the only weeks they will accept reservations for will be June 1st through September 7th. They expect the phones to be pretty busy, so if you call and are having trouble waiting in line on the phone you might just try the online reservation system first.


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