Mother’s Day Week is here and I wanted to take the time to express how much my mother means to me.  Growing up my father worked in the oilfield so he wasn’t home a lot. In return that meant my mom had to be both mother and father most of the time for us girls. I admire my mother for raising my twin sister and I. She had two of us to keep in line at all times.

  My most cherished memory would have to be her taking care of my friends and I in junior high and high school. Every weekend we all knew we would be crashing at our house. My mom was always there to talk to and drive us girls to whichever sport or dance was going on.  I know you are probably thinking just drive ourselves around but my mom made sure all of us girls were taken care of  and would be there no matter what hour to talk to when we were upset.  She was a mother to each and everyone of us.

  My other most cherished memory would be when I had my son and calling my mom wondering how did you do it with two babies at once. I can barely handle one.  Now that my son is 10 I see what I put her through with my picky ways. My child is paying me back now for that with not wearing something because the way it feels or its too tight or too scratchy. My mom tells me know he’s definitely your child.

  I would like to take the time to say thank you Mom for everything you have ever done for Kelly and I. We both appreciate everything and admire you.  

 To kick off Mother’s Day week, I would like to give you the chance to highlight your mom. Most of us have fallen out of writing letters to our moms but we all know moms love letters and tributes from the heart more than anything. If you would like to highlight your mom just email melissarivera@townsquaremedia.com your tribute or letter and please send a jpg picture of you and your mom or just mom.

Here are a few things to think about when writing if you have writer’s block. Was there a time she comforted you when you were upset? A piece of advice that has turned out to be important? Your most cherished memories might be things your mother doesn’t even know you remember.


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