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Christmas Traditions in Texas include ICE SKATING!

One of our newest family Christmas traditions is ice skating in Texas during the holidays. If you grew up in Houston or San Antonio this might already be a part of your season festivities, but for me, ice skating was something I saw either saw when watching the Winter Olympics on tv or in a movie when I was a kid growing up.

The first time on the rink wasn't so bad!

A few years ago my niece celebrated her birthday party in one of San Antonio's indoor ice skating rinks and I've been hooked ever since! In fact, I didn't fall once! Now a Christmas shopping trip isn't the same without a trip to the rink at the Galleria either.

Take it outside!

It looks like this year in San Antonio, the iconic ice skating scene from my tv childhood, surrounded by frosted trees and fresh cool outdoor air is actually happening in real life for 2021.

Plans announced for downtown San Antonio ice rink during 2021 holiday season

It looks like an open-air skating rink is back for San Antonio inside of Travis Park and you can count my family in! In fact, you can get your tickets right now! I mean how 'cool' is an outdoor skating rink? We are so there!

The Rotary Club of San Antonio is bringing back their open-air rink after a COVID hiatus. This year, the ice rink is expected to officially open on Nov. 19 until Jan. 17. Tickets for skating will be available at RotaryIceRink.com starting Oct. 1.

According to the official RotaryIceRink website, 50,000 people are expected to enjoy this winter tradition with their family and friends in 2021. That's a lot of cold hands and sore bottoms! But it's so worth it!

Just check this video out from KSAT 12 from 2019 on Youtube!

If you think you're going to fall, touch your knees! 

Now I'll admit I didn't fall the first time I went ice skating but have fallen many many times since then! Wish I had known the touch your knees tip earlier!

Now you are in the know. Hope you go! Take pics if you do and send those to us on the app!

Happy Holidays! 


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Rotary of San Antonio/TSM
Rotary of San Antonio/TSM



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