As a Texan, it's okay to feel personally attacked with this one.

Nobody Actually Likes Blue Bell

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Blue Bell Ice Cream has been dubbed the 'Worst Store-Brought Ice Cream Brand in the country." Yes, the entire country; and yes were are shook too.

According to a survey from Mashed, over 600 people voted and 20% of people agreed Blue Bell was their least-favorite ice cream brand. How could so many people not just pass up Blue Bell in the freezer aisle, but thoroughly dislike the brand?

To add salt to the wound, Blue Bell also found itself on the Eat This, Not That! list of "ice cream brands that use the lowest quality ingredients," yikes.

The Highly Successful Company

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It just doesn't make sense. Blue Bell is an ice cream mogul. The rack in $671 million worth of annual sales. On top of that, they make up 52% of the ice cream market in Texas.

What's the deal then? The top ingredients are real tried-and-true milk(no powder here pal,) cream, and sugar. However, they also fill the rest of the carton with other not-so-cute additives. 

A String of Mishaps

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Or maybe it's the 2015 listeria debacle. Back in 2015, Blue Bell pulled 8 million gallons of their "Listeria-tainted" ice cream, which killed at least 3 people and made 10 sick. 

If that's not bad enough, the CEO Paul Kruse was charged with conspiracy in 2020 for trying to hide the massive listeria outbreak. Blue Bell also pled guilty in 2020 to a similar case, agreeing to pay a combined $19.35 million in fines, forfeiture, and civil settlement payments.

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