I'll be the first to admit that during self-quarantine I had no choice but to take a good long look at the clutter in our house while analyzing what was truly 'essential' in our home as well.

Over the years, even after being an avid purger and donor to Goodwill, I had collected a lot of trash. After a few days of perusing the inside and outside of my house I knew a few extra-large trash bags just wasn't going to cut it.

I needed a "roll-off' if I was going to make a real difference in the esthetics of my home.

I'm betting after your quarantine stay-cation, you feel like your house and your business could use a roll-off dumpster rental too!

So what is a "roll-off" dumpster anyway? Well, it's the easiest way to declutter your home inside and out of unwanted trash and White Trash Services carries them in a variety of sizes!

For an average house cleanout project, I recommend a 20 ft. roll-off. 

Photo courtesy of WTS
Photo courtesy of WTS

Usually fully opened at the top, roll-off dumpsters are characterized by their rectangular shape and use wheels to set the dumpster in place. For us, it was right next to the garage where we had accumulated the most unrecyclable junk. Roll-off literally roll off the trucks that deliver them and that's part of the amazing service provided at White Trash, they deliver the empty roll-off and then pick it up and dump it for you. White Trash Services offers 15, 20, 30, and 40-yard roll-offs for commercial businesses and residential applications. When you rent a roll-off dumpster from White Trash Services, you get prompt, friendly, and reliable service. Whether it's for residential or commercial business, we can provide service that fits your needs.

Did you know they cover Austwell to Yorktown? Victoria was just the beginning!

Just check out their website here for more information. They have all of your trash needs covered! Even with a roll-off uncovered. You can call them too at 361.550.1826

These last few weeks have definitely brought a new sense of 'living simply to simply live' thanks to White Trash Services, Victoria's fastest-growing rural trash service company!

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