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Dallas Texas Paramedic Caught on Film Kicking Homeless Man In the Head

Admittedly, this video provided on Youtube by WFAA is hard to watch, as Brad Cox Dallas Firefighter Paramedic, who is currently on administrative leave, kicks homeless man, Kyle Vess, in the head.

Equally troubling is learning that Mr. Cox has a prior indictment, in an incident that involved  'falsifying a report to cover up his failure to render aid at the scene,' which may have contributed to another homeless man's death.

Prior Indictment

In a riveting report by KVUE in Dallas, Cox and another firefighter were called to a scene in 2019 where Dallas Police advised the two that a homeless man was suffering from a head injury.

The homeless man, Hirschell Fletcher, who suffered from schizophrenia and a speech impediment had been in a fight after being robbed and had fallen and hit his head.

According to reports from KVUE, court documents show that "When paramedics arrived ( Brad Cox among them), they "assumed [Fletcher] was drunk and began harassing and openly laughing at him as Fletcher sat on the sidewalk in pain.” It was then that a false report was provided and instead of going to the hospital for treatment, Fletcher was taken to jail. According to further court documentation, Fletcher died, by a "slow brain bleed caused by his head injuries."

What was the penalty for false reporting by Brad Cox?

Cox, who incidentally pleaded guilty for falsifying his report which stated, "The police have the man in custody and he couldn’t transport to the hospital" which was proven to be a lie, received 12 months probation.

This time, the Dallas paramedic might not be so lucky. In the latest WFAA report, Cox said he believed the homeless man we see in the above video, Kyle Vess, had started a grass fire. You can hear Cox explaining on the body camera footage from sheriff’s deputies at the scene. " I got out to kick it out while it was small before it got big, and that’s when he got up and charged,” said Cox. But later, the audio is heard where Cox warns Vess to "get up again" and as Vess begins to sit up, Cox kicks him in the head.

This time, the homeless man has representation.

Defense attorney George Milner now represents Voss. Milner offers, "Mr. Cox basically bludgeoned my client and sent him to Parkland Hospital."

We will have to wait and see if the court of law finds this incident worthy of a criminal charge. What are your thoughts? Let us know by commenting on your station app.

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