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Texas State Troopers Told To Lose Weight or They May Lose Their Jobs

Texas State Troopers were told to lose weight by the end of the year or they may be risking losing their jobs!

According to a riveting report by the Dallas Morning News, more than 200 of our estimated 2,802 Texas State Troopers, are being told to trim their waistlines or face discipline before the end of the year, which could include termination.

It's a very specific and controversial policy with states that men with waists over 40 inches and women with over 35 inches who wear their famous " Texas tan" uniforms to work every day, now have to track and share their weight loss efforts with DPS!

It's officially titled "TheTexas Department of Public Safety Health, Physical Fitness, and Command Presence Policy"  and you can read the entire policy and procedure which was published in November 2021 by clicking here.

"Failing the PFT standard may include temporary removal from enforcement role and no overtime allowance."

When is it ever appropriate to tell employees to lose weight or lose their jobs?

According to DPS documents which you can read here, Texas state troopers pledge and sign their personal "Fitness Improvement Plan," as part of the policy. 

Texas state troopers perform a myriad of law enforcement duties and tasks which include enforcing state traffic laws by patrolling highways. Of course, they also arrest folks who have been drinking and driving or violating traffic laws as well as provide security to the state capitol complex and our governor, Greg Abbott.

But that's not all, they also respond to civilian calls for service, serve warrants, as well as being a part of the patrol to protect the U.S.-Mexico border.

Is this a fair policy? Should we require those who protect and serve to be physically fit as well as DICTATE their waistline? Let us know what you think on our station apps or in the Facebook comments. 







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