It feels somewhat strange to follow a heartfelt tribute to a fallen legend like Whitney Houston with a strip club anthem like Tyga‘s ‘Rack City,’ but that’s how the cookie (that was the 2012 BET Awards) crumbled. While the performance was energetic and fun, it was a bit jarring coming after Cissy Houston’s heartwrenching ballad to her fallen daughter.

The performance opened with Ca$h and Tyga rapping their hit ‘Ca$hin’ Out,’ which, to be fair, would be a stately closer for the awards show any other time. Following the triumphant, boastful rhymes, the track changed to Tyga’s inescapable ode to exotic dancers.

Sporting crisp white, Tyga spit fire as hot as the graphic flames flanking the stage and got the crowd on their feet and dancing. While we feared the censors fingers would get tired from pushing the “bleep” button so much for the raunchy track, it was a relatively mild version of the song, replacing certain profanities with more innocuous words making it appropriate for primetime on the basic cable outlet.

Despite its awkward positioning within the show’s schedule, Tyga’s pole-working, 20s-tossing track was an enjoyable way to close out the festivities and get everyone geared up for what is sure to be one heck of an after party.

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