In an unprecedented attempt in our community to help solve Victoria families most pressing question, V.I.S.D. Superintendent, Dr. Quintin Shepard has announced action has been taken to coordinate free meals in our community beginning March 23rd, for ANY child age 1 to 17.

As stated on the V.I.S.D. website March 17th;

"While face-to-face instruction is suspended, VISD will provide free grab-and-go breakfast and lunch for all students at six distribution sites: Aloe Elementary, Crain Elementary, Hopkins Elementary, Rowland Elementary, Shields Elementary, and Stroman Middle School. Each site will have breakfast available from 7:30-9:30 and lunch from 10:30-12:30 Monday through Friday, beginning Monday, March 23rd"

According to Dr. Shepard in our candid radio interview, the number one concern for V.I.S.D. parents' at this time is how they are going to feed their children.

It was a big enough concern that Dr. Shepard and our V.I.S.D. extended family realized that feeding just  V.I.S.D. students enrolled in V.I.S.D. wasn't doing enough and serving them twice a day was going to be too taxing for families. He then extended the invitation to all children in our community, regardless if they attend V.I.S.D. or not.  It will be a monumental task, but plans are now in the works to box several meals together at once in an attempt to cut down on how many times parents must pick up meals.

Grab our station app, as we continue to give you the latest updates on how and where food will be available starting March 23rd.  and what is needed to receive food items, but please keep an eye out for more information on the V.I.S.D. website and Facebook pages.

Bravo Dr. Shepard and bravo to the teachers, volunteers, and donors who are working behind the scenes to feed the youth in our community. Bravo.

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Thank you to Youtube My Doctor-Kaiser Permante for a guide on creating a healthy plate. Check it out here.

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