On November 30th just days after Thanksgiving, one of the most beloved restaurants in town announced it would be closing its doors. Chatter among the community ignited almost immediately.

Noots Thai Kitchen took to their Facebook announcing they would be closing down due to staffing issues. I remember reading that status already missing the taste of their Thai fried rice, I wasn't the only one either.

Leaping Into Action

It didn't take much time for local business owner Armando Trevino to leap to action. He swiftly sent the owner of Noots a text message and discussions escalated quickly.

Armando and his wife Wendy Trevino are owners of Froggy's and Burger Nation and have been fans of Noots for more than 6 years. Armando was put off by Thai food because he was under the impression everything would be spicy. However, after giving Noots a try he fell in love, "You can tell they put their heart and soul into every dish."


The couple wanted to jump into action and save a local treasure. Messages were exchanged and meetings ensued. In no time, Armando and Wendy had come up with a plan to get Noots back up and running. Under new ownership, the couple will keep the dreams original owners' dream alive.

Noots Beginnings

James started Noots almost 10 years ago and is confident in this new transition. "I know it's in good hands, I know he can do it justice. The Trevino's want to be clear that this will be the same Noots, nothing will change. The food, the culture, the cooking will all be the same.


They are tentatively opening Noots back up on Tuesday, December 14. When you walk in there will be familiar faces. Five of the former servers will be back taking your orders. Right now, there are 3 new cooks being trained to cook food.

So get ready Crossroads, your favorite local restaurant will be back and running soon, so get your orders ready.

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