There is nothing like a little friendly competition between husband and wife, it just makes marriage more fun.  That is exactly what this Victoria couple did, and the loser was on full display, yesterday on a busy intersection in Victoria.

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Meet Vanessa and Oliver Cantu of Victoria. Vanessa sells Younique independently here in Victoria.  The husband and wife made a friendly bet of who could sell the most product in 10 days.  Yes! He was going to sell makeup.  The winner of the bet would pick out the outfit that the loser would wear while holding a sign on a busy Victoria thoroughfare.

Even though Oliver passed the main goal by $50.00, Venessa sold $150 more than her husband in those 10 days.  Making him the big loser.  Before we get to the sign that Oliver is holding, let's take a look a the outfit handpicked by his wife.

Vanessa went with the classic dad look with an outfit that was put together at Goodwill just hours before he paid his bet.  I mean it doesn't get more 'dad look' than a T-shirt tucked into jorts with high socks.  The only thing that was missing was the white New Balance shoes LOL.


Some of you might have seen him standing at the Corner of Navarro and Sam Houston during rush hour, yesterday!  Holding a sign that says 'My Wife Vanessa is the Best.'  These are the little things that make the best memories in a marriage. SEE VIDEO BELOW

Here is one of those silly little situations that happened with my wife, two years ago.  The question is who wins, help us out.  We challenged each other in Tetris, her score was higher, but I had more lines.  Who wins? Take our poll.


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