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Residential Victoria County is without water and is not happy about it. Many went to the City of Victoria's Facebook page to rant, complain, and express their concerns over the lack of transparency after the City of Victoria announced their 3 pm press conference.

However, many residents were left enraged at the update. With the massive power outages, there is a big issue as to how residents can tune in to the press conference to get updated.

In the press conference, Jesus Garza, confirmed that there are actually still at least 10,000 residents without power due to the rolling blackouts. The Internet is down in many areas of the city, therefore making it nearly impossible to tune-in.

There were also some previous rumors going around that the Victoria water supply was being shared, as many residents began to wonder why they were left water-less; however, the City of Victoria posted on their Facebook debunking those rumors. The lack of faith and tension is felt throughout each comment s as residents resist the explanation.

In the 3 o'clock press conference the city of Victoria will go over the water interruptions throughout the city due to the severe weather. However, residents want to know in the meantime what is going to happen between the time of the post and the press conference. Many believe there is a lack of communication as to what happened and what to do in the meantime the disappointment continues as comments on Facebook begin to pile up on the city of Victoria’s page with people voicing their concerns over city officials.

One user said he would prefer to just put out a brief statement about the water interruption rather than announcing a press conference. One of the most troubling and concerning features of the actions the city has taken that users are pointing out is the city is announcing the water will be up and running as soon as possible but giving no direct time frame, leaving a residence in the dark. According to some, this is definitely not the first time something like this has happened; others are begging for new leadership.

Either way, you look at it this is a bad situation the severe cold weather has caused quite a ruckus in the Crossroads and Victoria has quite a lot to deal with. With one issue after another only time will tell how things will begin to pan out once the sun starts to shine and the skies start to clear life will soon begin to resume as normal.

To report any concerns the City is asking residents to call 361-485-3381.

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