The Victoria County Health Department releases their updated daily COVID-19 count each evening usually by 6pm on their Victoria County Health Department Facebook page that you can access here. We've watched these last few months daily as  these numbers fluctuated from 0 then 1 to 10 plus cases after the first few weeks of the pandemic and there were days a few weeks ago where we didn't see a single new case at all.

But as Texas began to reopen and crowds formed while our guard was down, positive cases began to surge throughout Texas, and Victoria is experiencing new records as well.

Today was no exception as 146 new cases of COVID-19 was confirmed for Victoria County setting the highest recorded DAILY numbers since testing and reporting began in March. This new record brings the highest overall count in our county totaling at an staggering 698 ACTIVE cases of COVID-19 in our community.

The Victoria County Health Department offered on their Facebook page, " These new confirmed cases do not include test results from the Walk Up Testing Site at Victoria Community Center or any probable cases due to antibody testing."

Working now with more cases than ever before the VPHD understandably also offered that "With the influx of new cases, we are currently experiencing delays on investigations."

Mathematically speaking, if our population in Victoria is 65,000 people, roughly 1% of our population has now been affected by COVID-19. Still, the issue is that 1 person affected by COVID-19 will likely spread it to 4 people. We are experiencing what health experts call " wide spread community transmission."

The Victoria Health Department has encouraged continued public health asking for the community to help. "Please help us to combat COVID-19 by wearing a mask or facial covering, practicing social distancing & good hygiene, and staying home if you are sick."

If you have questions about anything related to COVID-19 you should call the hotline at 580.5796 

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