As VISD prepares for a great change in educating our students with Distance Learning beginning March 31st, VISD board members felt temporary grading policy changes were needed to be made as well.

VISD Director of Communications, Shawna Currie, offers her words directly for those needing clarification on the latest grading policy changes. It's with the students in mind that Shawna writes;

"Teens worry how a sudden transition to remote learning, due to COVID-19 could impact their grades.

It’s a brand-new experience for student and teacher alike. Some will thrive in the new environment, while others may struggle.

Because VISD recognizes this is a situation with much uncertainty, with only a handful of things that can be in our control as leaders, steps are being taken to ensure this rocky road won’t negatively impact student GPA’s. The VISD Board of Trustees approved temporary dispensation from grading policies. One of those policies specifically addresses how class rank is determined, which can be critical for those seeking automatic admission to a college or university.

Senior class ranking is based on the grades at the end of fall semester, so for this year’s seniors, rank has already been determined.

For lower grades, the Board’s decision means grades from this year’s 4th nine-week grading period will not be factored into GPA calculations.

This allows the district flexibility in the way teachers monitor student performance, while providing teachers an opportunity to implement different strategies to assist students."

Shawna offers additionally that each VISD campus councilor has information pertaining to the distance learning materials and grading policies if more information is needed.

Distance learning packets have already began to be direct mailed to students' addresses which will include but not limited to

  1. Learning materials
  2. Information to new emails for students
  3. Supplies like pens and paper
  4. Log-in and reminder codes
  5. Sample schedules

Additional and updated information as well resources for students who are in need of nutrition, or computer and internet services are encouraged to visit the VISD website here for resource information.

Distance learning will include Microsoft TEAMS downloads and See Saw Learning programs.

Thank you Shawna Currie for taking the time to  update our VISD family with the latest information regarding our students.

Here is a video for Microsoft Teams for Students provided by Coffee in the Cloud.

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