Victoria Electric Cooperative (VEC) and cooperative internet provider, Infinium, invite students to apply to the Texas Electric Cooperatives’ Government-in-Action Youth Tour by January 31st for consideration to attend a week long trip to Washington D.C.

Each year, VEC selects students to represent the entity during a week long trip at the nation’s capitol. Throughout the week, students will have the opportunity to develop leadership skills, gain a better understanding of how electric cooperatives function, and facilitate friendships that last a lifetime.

Blaine Warzecha, General Manager of VEC, shares, “The Youth Tour is a terrific opportunity for students to learn about rural communities and electric cooperatives and how they contribute to the National Rural Electric Cooperative. We invite everyone to apply as there is a great chance to be selected for this educational rendezvous.”

In total, 1,500 high school students will be invited to participate in June to spend a week in DC. Students will have the chance to visit museums, attend tours, listen to featured speakers, and meet senators and representatives. Students will be traveling with students from other electric coops and a group of chaperones.

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Warzecha adds, “Please note we are encouraging those who wish to participate to apply by January 31st as we receive hundreds of applications each year. The earlier your submission is received, the better.”

To learn more about the Texas Electric Cooperatives’ Government-in-Youth Action Tour and submit a Youth Tour application, please visit

For additional information or questions, please contact VEC Marketing & Communication Specialist, Katelyn Corporon, at

Since the 1950’s, the Electric Cooperative Youth Tour has provided this educational opportunity to over 40,000 high school students. VEC believes in strengthening the community it serves from and hopes to further develop the children at any time possible.

About Victoria Electric Cooperative

VEC is a local cooperative within the Crossroads community that is dedicated to providing safe, reliable, and affordable electricity to all residents, as well as serving the community through organizational enrichment programs and educational opportunities. Through their internet provider, Infinium, members of the cooperative are also able to receive benefits and perks of internet in rural communities. To learn more about services and how to become a cooperative member, please visit for more information.

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